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Purple Passion! Look was created using tools and shadow palette referenced in this post!

Read on to find out what I used.

Summa Tyme Fine Shouldnt Break the Bank!

So, as you get to know me, you will find that I am a makeup lover…..borderline addict 😉 but that doesn’t mean that I like to spend BIG on items that I don’t have to.  The occasional splurge is always in order for that quality one of kind or limited addition color, but on the reg10932416_1574095526137831_95992498_nular many great finds can be found at your local drugstore, budget friendly online retailer, or a great small business.  I’m going to share with you three great finds that I found over the summer that I used consistently and that didn’t give my bank account a seizure! Ready?

Don’t let this be you 🙁 —–>

Non-Basic Brushes on a BUDGET!


e.l.f. Cosmetics has your brush game COVERED  

                             Makeup application tools are THE MOST important part of your makeup routine IMO…..lemme tell you a few reasons why:

  • you don’t want to be using your hands and fingers to apply your makeup….not all of it anyway, that’s completely unsanitary girl!
  • great brushes will keep you from looking blotchy as they help you BLEND for the most natural, flawless look possible
  • quality tools and brushes can make you look like a pro while you practice your techniques

Now that you know why tools and brushes are a bit of a necessity let me share with you another little “secret”…….the best brushes aren’t always the most expensive! Who ever tells you that is a liar. Some of my most favorite makeup brushes  that I use on a daily basis are under $5……..yup, you read that right!  I’m sharing with you one brand of brushes that has my top 3 most important points aside from price when looking for great, budget friendly makeup brushes which are:

  • QUALITY! I don’t need brushes that are going to shed all over my face, my vanity, my sink, or my makeup bag. What I do need are brushes with densely packed but NOT stiff fibers that have been secured to the head of the brush in such a way that they wont fall out at the slightest stroke
  • CRUELTY-FREE fibers. I’m not saying that I wont use a brush made with natural fibers (i.e. squirrel, goat, or similar31lqbr++jFL._SY450_r animal hair) but what I am saying is that I PREFER synthetic brushes, there are a lot of great ones out there. Here is a tip or two to use when deciding which brushes you want to buy: *** Natural bristled brushes are better suited for applying and blending powders (foundation/face powders, blushes, shadow powders/pigments) while synthetic brushes are better suited for concealer, liquid foundation, liners & lip colors***
  • FEEL.  Who wants an itchy brush scratching their face? The answer is no one…….no one wants that.  I look for my brushes to not only be soft but to STAY soft even after washing several times.  Natural hair brushes tend to dry out quicker at times since they are made with animal fiber (formerly attached to a live source) that is no longer able to retain the required moisture to stay soft after being detached from said critter.

e.l.f. Small Stipple Brush     

Obviously you’ve figured out by now that my go to Brushes on a Budget are from e.l.f. Cosmetics !  They not only have brushes that will fit your finances, they are made with cruelty-free synthetic fibers, stand the test of time after repeated use and washing, and the bristles stay put in the head of the brush. I’ve pictured my top 4 brushes (including the small stipple that I use for foundation ABOVE) that I purchased earlier in spring that have been my go-to brushes all summer and will probably be present in my makeup bag next summer as well!

Best part? each brush costs me between $1-$5 bucks! Check them  out!

10358_1821_A_900px_deptImg.jpg._deptImg                    ELF studio small angled brush-500x500                          219zP7l4W6L


e.l.f. Cosmetics Concealer Brush             e.l.f. Small Angled Brush        e.l.f. Cosmetics Eyelash & Brow Wand

Perfect for brow highlight!                 Brow or liner application in a breeze!        Tames stray brow/lash hairs

Your new GO-TO shadow palette — PERFECTLY PRICED


Don’t know what rock you’ve been under if you DON’T know that BH Cosmetics has BEEN the move for many years now for quality, inexpensive (but NOT cheap, there is a huge difference!) makeup products ranging from concealers, to liquid foundation, to brushes and tools, and of course shadows and pigments.Well earlier this year they came out with an amazing palette in collaboration with one of my long time favorite YT makeup artist, Missy Lynn aka Start2FinishMUA .  You can tell that both the company and Missy took great consideration in the range of colors selected for the palette, as it contains shades that are workable and look great on ALL complexions.

The price was so great I was gifted this palette from one of my friends shortly after its release in Feb of this year.  Let me go ahead and tell you why I love the palette:

  • QUALITY. You’re getting the same great quality product and customer service that we have come to expect from BH.  The color payoff is amazing (especially on darker skin tones such as mine) even without the use of a primer!
  • MULTI-PURPOSE COLORS. Missy Lynn was sure to be mindful of the colors that she selected making sure that not only could they work for a wide range of skin tones, but that there were multi-tasking colors included.  The shadows can not only be used on the eyes, but for highlight, contour, and bronzer.  I use the dark brown color for contour and the lighter brown shimmer color for bronzer in addition to their intended use as shadow.
  • GREAT PACKAGING. Not only is the palette sturdy, eye-catching, and sized appropriately for your makeup bag, it comes with a mirror for on the go application.  I’m always on the go, so I’m with that!

If you have gone the entire summer and haven’t copped this Missy Lynn Palette I suggest you pic it up today.  These colors will easily transition into your fall makeup line up and be ready and waiting to make a comeback in the spring of 2016…..that’s what classic colors do, they stand the test of time and work in all seasons!


Small Business Beauty Buys!        

00300-1-logoImageSupporting small business is completely necessary for me as a brand myself I know the importance of shopping small. I found  Spectrum Cosmetics by  Amber Rose aka Accidental Diva about 3 years ago and I own several of their products ranging from their AHHHHMMMMAAZZING Lip Glaze, to their gorgeous and highly pigmented shadow powders, & my absolute favorite highlighter  Diva Glow 

Here are some of the reasons I love this company and their products:

  • CUSTOMIZATION.  Need a custom mixed pigment for your special event, they can do it. Is your prom dress periwinkle and you want your lips to match? They can mix a Lip Glaze especially for you. Mixing and making new colors is their thing and they have you covered if that’s what you need
  • QUALITY.  If vibrant colors with maximum payoff is what you want, this company nails it for you!  Some of their lip colors are so pigmented and bold that I simply use them as lip stains!  A little goes a long way meaning these products are going to LAST!
  • CUSTOMER SERVICE. Expect that if you order from Spectrum Cosmetics you will receive fast, responsive customer service via email or phone before and after your funds have been received.  If a package is delayed or missing they will replace it promptly and/or keep you updated with info from the shipping company.  Customer service is KING to me when dealing with any business.  Good customer service alone will make a repeat customer of me.
  • AUTISM ADVOCACY. The owner of the company is an #AUTISMMOMMY like me.  As such she is sure to involve her company in many charitable works towards the cause including fundraising, sales with proceeds donated to charity, and community volunteer work. Businesses (small and the like) that feed back into their communities or to a cause are always worth throwing my coin at…..when makeup is involved, well that’s just a plus isn’t it?


Three of my favorite Pressed Pigments from Spectrum Cosmetics

      1874                     1880                  1898


               Pussy Cat Pink                                               Earth Day                                            Worn Out Karma 


As summer winds down be sure to stock up on some of your favorite budget buys to pull out next year when you’re transitioning back to the warm weather.  Are you a fan of any of the brands mentioned in this article? Have any small business brands that you want to tell me about?  Be sure to comment and share this post with your friends so we can all stay looking fab with out frying our finances!

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