• The latest interactive FREE app available to social media addicts who are longing to reach their audience in the most organic way possible
  • A place where you get IMMEDIATE gratification by having your questions answers on the the spot, see true reactions to a particular product, & see LIVE demonstrations of styling and beauty tutorials
  • Your destination to REALLY get to know & support your content creators and influencers.  I am there to share my hair journey and other shenanigans with my audience BUT I am also a huge fan of so many natural hair, beauty, fashion and life style influencers so I know how awesome it feels to get to see their TRUE personalities in real time and RAW unedited footage!


  • TRANSPARENCY- get to know me with out any filters, edits, or do-overs!  I like to say that Periscope is a LIVE version of YouTube! Don’t come in if you cant handle a bit of crazy 😀 , if you don’t like interaction, and genuine enjoyment.  All of those components are in play on my channel
  • REAL TIME REACTIONS – product reviews have become a favorite broadcast for me as my audience enjoys seeing my reaction to a products texture, smell, and performance in real time.  One of my most EPIC scopes was when Dr. Miracles joined a series of broadcasts for the weekend and we took the audience through an entire wash day (yes, in the SHOWER!!) from pre-shampoo to leave-in routine.  If you’re looking for REAL product reviews like that……that’s what you’ll get on my channel.  By the way, its always better LIVE so go ahead and download the app & follow me, I’m Moe D. Diva (@moe_dadiva) there of course.  These replays are gonna leave you wanting the full experience because you cant comment or interact after the live version is over…..I’m gone. LOL!
  • INFORMATION SHARING – as a social media marketing maven I have plenty of tips to share with you! Call me crazy, but I have this strange desire to see everyone win! If I can offer any advice that will add to your success as a blogger,vlogger, content creator or influencer I want to do that.  My audience has tuned in as I have shared how I took my Instagram following from 400 to 6k+ in just 5 months time, achieved a heart count on Periscope of over 200k in less than a month and built other social media pages to thousands of ORGANIC followers. This info from me is FREE on this platform.  There are also many of your other favorite social media personalities giving you more free info to help you be as GREAT as possible and SLAY on social media, and I never hold back when referring you to their channels!
  • SUPPORT AND MOTIVATION – listen, you can be of three different types of periscope users; a)  watcher/viewer/lurker b) supporter/sharer c) broadcaster/content creator.  ME , I’m all three!!! I don’t just want you to show up for me, I want to SHOW UP FOR YOU as well if you are sharing content I enjoy.  When I show up to watch I am there tapping the screen and giving you a HEART ATTACK (your heart count tells people you are great and are sharing useful content, so remember if you are watching replays from the app TAP, TAP, TAP and leave some hearts!), hitting the share button and inviting my Twitter friends and Periscope followers, and commenting on your scope to keep conversation going. I don’t just lean back in the cut, I’m a user and lover of social media……aka, an ADDICT!


While you are here on my site enjoying the replays think how much fun you will have joining the LIVE broadcasts!  Download the Periscope app today in the App Store or Google Play store, its FREE.99 and you will thank me for your newest app addiction later!


  • #MoeScopes on a consistent basis!  I am on weekly giving you a mixture of hair, beauty and social media shenanigans and it happens often that some of your favorite social personalities & hair care/beauty brands pop into my scopes and join in the fun
  • EXCLUSIVE content is available to you FREE of charge. Learn, share and support. My channel is a place of POSITIVITY, everyone is welcome!
  • PROGRESSIVE forward thinking individuals are here! This app is becoming the hottest new platform, so get on now and make your mark before its overcrowded! Trust me on that!



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